Freeman's Table

GAME SHOW 14 Ziegler vs. Williams

March 03, 2021 Amanda Ziegler vs. Matt Williams Episode 14
Freeman's Table
GAME SHOW 14 Ziegler vs. Williams
Show Notes

Link to New Video Episodes on the YouTube Channel

Ziegler vs. Williams
This audio is from the first video recording of Freeman's Table, which you can find on the new YouTube Channel. It features Amanda “The Intern” Ziegler vs. her How To Die Alone compadre Matt Williams. He leads their series 2-1, and their experience with the show makes them great candidates for the first video episode of the show.

Check out their How to Die Alone podcast, and watch it on their HTDA YouTube Channel as well.

Apologies for less-than-stellar audio on this one. Learning the ropes of this new process, but at least we're having a good time. 

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