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GAME SHOW 05 Brooks vs. Klein

November 08, 2020 Clark Brooks vs. Jeff Klein Episode 5
Freeman's Table
GAME SHOW 05 Brooks vs. Klein
Show Notes

Brooks vs. Klein
The board game version of the show begins with Clark Brooks battling Jeff Klein on Freeman's Table Games. Instead of 3 rounds tallying points, we're now going around a board.

Learn more about Clark Brooks at, and check out to see where he posts satire articles, and is also the Supreme Editor of High Order or something.

Jeff Klein created Wigs and Wit, a comedy competition between professional drag queens and comedians. He also created Outside a Comedy Club, short films performed, you guessed it, outside a comedy club. Click the links to visit the Facebook Pages for each.

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Visit to see the board game on the site, or download it to print and play along.

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